Yoga for Beginners

Are you interested in learning
traditional Ashtanga yoga?

– Do you want to enhance your energy, spirit, and well-being?

– Are you uncertain where to begin?


Then our Introductory Workshops and Classes are perfect for you!

Our Introductory workshops and all our Mysore classes welcome beginners and have you practicing yoga postures and learning how to breathe correctly right away. The Introductory workshops and Mysore classes are offered by Gillian which will give you a thorough and down to earth introduction to yoga. In the Introductory workshops, you will learn everything you need to know to feel comfortable to attend yoga classes and learn foundational knowledge about yoga. We welcome you to this nurturing and inspirational beginning of your yoga journey.


Mysore Style classes:


  • All the Mysore style classes are open to students of all levels, including complete beginners. We recommend that you book a start time for your first class so that we will have plenty of time to welcome you and to teach you properly!
  • Mysore Style is for everyone: It is for students of all levels and the best place for anyone to start. Whether you are young or old, beginner or long time practitioner, flexible or stiff, strong or not, this is the best class. The only thing required to attend is a desire to learn & practice Yoga!
  • One-on-one Attention: In Mysore Style, you will get individual attention within a group setting. You will be taught the Ashtanga Yoga method at a pace specifically tailored for you, your body, your level of flexibility and strength.
  • Flexible Start Time: Mysore Style is an open practice time, meaning you may come and start your practice anytime between the scheduled hours, as long as you are finished by the end of the scheduled class finish time. In the beginning you will need to allow approximately 45mins to 1 hour for your practice.

Avail of the New Students Offer and email to arrange a suitable start date and time for morning and evening Mysore classes.

Monthly Introductory Mysore Ashtanga Workshops

Saturdays from 10.00am - 12.00pm


  • February 3rd
  • February 24th


These monthly workshops are suitable for all levels (including complete beginners) that would like to learn the traditional way to practice Ashtanga Yoga. You will be guided through the correct breathing technique and a series of the basic fundamental postures. You will develop a strong foundation and the confidence to transition into the Mysore classes.

Introductory class plus one month of unlimited classes - €100 or Introductory class alone - €30.

Spaces are limited and advance booking is required.

You can use the button below to reserve your spot now.

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