I often get asked the question ‘what does twisting your body into different shapes have to do with yoga?’ I’m sure many of you also get asked the same question now that you’re all regular Ashtanga Mysore practitioners!

In my humble experience, yoga is primarily self experiential, hence it can be difficult to convey the true vision of asana verbally. However, it can be helpful to give partners, friends and families a little insight into why we’re practicing yoga asanas/postures…

Ashtanga yoga is not so much an external process as it is internal. Admittedly, the toned muscles and weight loss are great byproducts of a consistent practice, but the practice of yoga yields a much deeper result. Through deep breathing and challenging our physical bodies in the different asanas, the mind begins to become clear. It is in this clarity that we begin to see things for how they really are.

I’m not going to lie, gaining some of this clarity can only happen by ripping bandages off the wounds that we have been taking great care not to disturb over the years. Peeling back the heavy layers to get to our core can be a deeply emotional experience. Believe me, there is nothing you guys are going through on the mats that I haven’t already been through myself! Hence, I always encourage you to release whatever emotions arise during your practice in the secure environment of our shala..

Ashtanga yoga gives us glimpses into our pure potentiality and helps us experience connectedness; to ourselves and to others. (I hope this helps you to explain the next time you get asked ‘why you’re twisting your body into different shapes?!’)

On another note, next Thursday, May 25th is a Moon Day, hence no morning or evening Mysore classes.

I’ll also be teaching an Introductory Workshop on Saturday, June 3rd from 10am-12pm – complete beginners are welcome and it includes a month of classes to help you get started on your Ashtanga journey. Our next Lunchtime course starts on Monday May 29th and Wednesday May 31st (see below for full details..)

See you at the Shala,

Gillian x

Introductory Mysore Ashtanga Workshop with Gillian
Saturday, June 3rd from 10am – 12pm

This workshop is suitable for all levels (including complete beginners) that would like to learn the traditional way to practice Ashtanga Yoga. You will be guided through the correct breathing technique and a series of the basic fundamental postures. You will develop a strong foundation and the confidence to transition into the Mysore classes.

Introductory class plus one month of unlimited classes – €100 or Introductory class alone – €30.

Bookings HERE

New Monday and Wednesday 6 week Lunchtime Course
Mondays from May 29th to July 10th and Wednesdays from May 31st to July 12th
Mondays: 1.05pm – 1.50pm

Beginners: This 45-minute class is suitable for anyone who wants to learn traditional Ashtanga yoga. You will receive concrete tools on how to work with the vinyasa (coordinated breath with movement) count for the poses in the first part of the sequence. Over the 6 week course, you will develop a strong foundation in the Ashtanga yoga system as it is traditionally practiced. These lunchtime sessions are the perfect mid-day treat!

Wednesdays: 1.05pm – 1.50pm

Improves: This 45-minute class is suitable for anyone who wants to deepen their practice of traditional Ashtanga yoga. Those with some experience of Ashtanga will refine the correct breathing technique. You will receive more concrete tools as to how to work with the vinyasa (coordinated breath with movement) count for the primary series.

Bookings HERE

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