Gillian is the yoga teacher you will always wish you had met sooner. Drawing from the deep well of her own practice and years of experience in India, she has a rich understanding and a profound insight which is utterly inspiring. Gillian has a true gift of reading a student’s potential and a unique ability to unlock and support the process. She pays close attention to the authentic technique and to alignment detail and the clarity of her teaching will expand refine and transform your practice whatever stage you are at. Gillian is lovely both on and off the mat; nurturing beginners and supporting everyone with humour, compassion and grace. I have been exceptionally fortunate to find such a wise and dedicated teacher in Ireland. It may be a bit of a cliche but I can honestly say after many years of practising yoga that experiencing Gillian’s classes has been life changing for me on every level. I have no hesitation in recommending this wonderful teacher to anyone! Dolores Ferran, 63, retired accountant

I’m originally from India, I have been taught in the past by the best yoga teachers in Bangalore, India and Gillian Mooney is by far the best Yoga teacher in Ireland. She’s an excellent teacher and I feel like I’m in India when I attend her classes four days a week. Her way of teaching yoga is definitely the right way with grace, assurance and self awareness. I feel alive …mind, body and soul. It’s an absolutely beautiful experience and I love the discipline. Above all it is so important to have a fabulous teacher on every count. Tripthi Rodrigues, 47, Public Relations Specialist

If you want to learn ashtanga yoga in the traditional way, this is the perfect place. Gillian is an incredibly skilled teacher for students of all levels. Even if you are a beginner or you are practising for years here you can find your space. There’s lots of individual attention and assistance, my personal yoga practice has transformed under Gillian’s care. She knows my challenge and she wants to make sure that I only move into the next asana when I’m really ready to go ahead. I love this approach because I believe this is a life lesson outside of the mat: to accept where you are at the present moment, hic et nunc, respecting your body and your mind. I can’t recommend highly enough! Marisa Isabello, 27, Programmatic Account Strategist at Google

I highly recommended the practice of the traditional Mysore style of Ashtanga Yoga at this studio. I’ve been practicing ashtanga yoga for a few years and I’ve finally found myself a “yoga home” at this studio. The Mysore classes at Asthanga Yoga Ireland are suitable not only for experienced , but also for a complete beginners. Gillian invests a lot of time into every single student with the goal of learning their experience level, any potential challenges, and opportunities for advancement and devises an individualised approach for their practice. This ensures that the practice is tailored to everyone’s needs and abilities. The atmosphere in the studio is relaxed and friendly with everyone feeling welcome. Tomas, 30, Audit Manager

The best studio in Ireland to learn the true practice of Ashtanga Yoga. Gillian is a great teacher, very patient, kind and attentive (she is always adjusting you in the posture, making sure you are doing it correctly!). She teaches the primary series with integrity so you can get the full benefits of this beautiful practice which are far from being just physical. Ashtanga Yoga is suited for everybody so I definitely recommend to visit the studio to try it out! 😉 Veronica Giradi, 29, Account Manager

I have been practising yoga for 9 years and had ashtanga yoga in my ” way too hard box” for a long time. I was curious about the mysore practise and arrived for a workshop at AYI a year ago.

I felt a very positive energy when I arrived and Gillian explained that this was a spiritual practice that deeply cleanses the nervous system.

The practise is physically strong but I can feel the therapeutic benefits every time I practice and it truly changes how I am in the world, anyone who is looking to find more love , joy& flow in their life should give themselves the gift of this yoga practise.

Gillian is a special teacher and it is obvious when you meet her she has done the deep work this practise demands, she is the warm encouragement each of us need to unfold , I have been on three retreats and I am currently on the immersion course, I cannot recommend Gillian highly enough! Jenny O Connell, 37, yoga teacher

It’s impossible to distill in to just a few lines the overwhelmingly positive impact Ashtanga Yoga Ireland has had on my life, but I’ll try! Ashtanga has made me fitter, more flexible and stronger of body, but more importantly, of mind, which is the real goal. I have achieved things on the mat I never thought my body capable of, and I bring the lessons of this to life off the mat. Life’s trials are now easier to handle with breath and focus and a new found inner strength, self belief and confidence. Ashtanga has become my anchor in good times and bad, and continues to improve my life with every practice in myriad ways, from what I eat to how I handle stress. Yes, it is demanding and takes time, dedication, discipline and hard work. But if you put that work in, you will experience magic on that mat and be rewarded off it in so many ways. And as a separated parent with a demanding job, if I can develop a solid practice, anyone can! My love affair with Ashtanga, however, would not have happened without Gillian. I have never encountered a yoga teacher with her experience, expertise and personal touch. She is recognised globally for this, and we are utterly blessed to have her in Ireland. Not only all of this, but the growing community she has created is full of people from all walks of life. There are always interesting chats and craic to be had in the shala, which now feels like an extension of my own home. I have made friends for life through Gillian and her gorgeous shala and I have to admit that I would be lost without it. If you have an interest in yoga and/or improving your quality of life, please come and join our wonderful community. You won’t regret it.

Martha Connolly, 38, magazine editor.

If you want to learn yoga in the traditional way, this is the place. Gillian is an amazing teacher for all levels of experience. David Knott, 44, IT Consultant.

Gillian is a very dedicated teacher and yoga for her is not a business, it’s deep work and a true mission. I can only highly recommend her classes, as they have given me the mental and physical tools to zoom out of my daily routine, to be mindful and to work body and mind simultaneously. Gillian’s classes and courses are for every person who wants to get a solid foundation in traditional Ashtanga yoga and get away from the commercially taught yoga classes, available in most fitness studios. Gillian’s teaching has been highly transformational for me and I can recommend it to any person who has a busy schedule and who is looking for a technique for clearing the mind and becoming physically strong. Iva Uzunov, 28, Account Manager

I have started yoga with the initial aim of improving my flexibility, couldn’t imagine to find such an incredible treasure, a deep journey into myself. Gillian is a great teacher, not only very well prepared but really passionate about what she does, following you with thorough care during the practice, focusing even on the small details. Did I mention the absolute positive energy during the classes? Couldn’t recommend this studio more! Carlo Roncella, 43. Credit Analyst

The system of Ashtanga Yoga has such a reputation that can be really daunting. I have been practicing other styles of Yoga for 10 years and I have put it off for ages due to these misconceptions, but really wish I hadn’t!

The traditional way in which Gillian teaches is very safe and allows you to progress on your own pace. She is an amazing teacher not just because of her knowledge in the practice but on how she can understand each of our bodies limitations as well as strong points to make the Ashtanga practice work for us.

I love the atmosphere of the shala and it is a time I really treasure and look forward to!

I highly recommend Gillian’s shala to learn Ashtanga Yoga the traditional way, I have never been to Mysore but having taken part in Sharath’s classes when he was teaching in Europe, there is no doubt we are so lucky to have Gillian sharing with us her pure teachings from the source. Cassia Galindo, 37, Software Engineer

I started practicing ashtanga yoga with Gillian last September. Over the past 10 years I have dipped in and out of various types of yoga, signing up for 6 week classes here and there. A lot of these classes were teacher led where I felt I would copy the moves and I would leave not remembering what we had just done. I really wanted to find somewhere for complete beginners where I could properly learn and develop my strength and flexibility. Thankfully Gillian was recommended to me so I gave it a go and have been consistent in my practice for the past 9 months. I’m a busy, active 32 year old with a hectic schedule and I can’t stress the benefit of the practice in helping me to slow down and switch off. I have built much more strength in my core which has added benefits to other sports, my flexibility has greatly improved and I find it a great way to completely de-stress after a busy day at work. Not to mention the sleep! Learning the Mysore way is fantastic as you develop the confidence to practice anywhere. I was recently on holidays and was able to continue my practice daily by myself. There are lots of different levels in the class from complete beginners to extremely advanced but Gillian gives everyone the same attention and time. If you are looking for a way to improve your overall health, build strength and completely switch off from a busy life, I couldn’t recommend Gillian’s classes more. Kerrie Finan, 32, Pharmacist.

I have found my time spent with Gillian a great benefit to my practice, her calm, encouraging approach has helped me enormously. The atmosphere in the class is so welcoming for students of all levels, as someone who is fairly new to ashtanga I was a little nervous about attending, but needn’t have been, I would recommend anyone to try it. Mark Johnston, 50, Nurse

I have been attending this studio for several months now. Gillian is a great teacher and her classes are suitable for both complete beginners and advanced yogis. The format of the classes means that you receive a lot of individual attention and can see huge improvements in your practice after just a few weeks. I highly recommend this studio to anyone interested in giving yoga a try! Andrew Carroll, 29, Civil Servant

To say that Ashtanga Yoga Ireland is my sanctuary would really be an understatement.

I had practiced Ashtanga yoga for about 8 years and when my teacher moved away I lost interest in the practice for a few years. It wasn’t until a friend recommended Gillian with the words ‘she really is the best Ashtanga teacher in the country’ that I decided to make the trek from Swords into the city each week.

As a busy mother of 3 running my own business, I rarely take time for just me, to switch off and to actually breath right down into my very being. When I started coming to the shala I had been going through a really busy time in my life and had reached that point of really needing to relax for my own health and well-being. Gillian could see my mind racing, my breathing not switched onto my practice and each week she would patiently bring me back into the room, and help me focus on what I was there to do.

I only make it in once a week as life is busy but for me it is the best thing I do each week. I leave feeling balanced, focussed and I really feel like a better person because of Gillian and her teaching.

I would be lost without this class each week and after trying many Ashtanga classes in the city I can honestly say this one is the very, very best.

I can only say, give it a try and see what you think yourself. You won’t be disappointed. Aileen Cox Blundell, 40, busy Mother to my 3 children and Author

I was a bit apprehensive about trying Ashtanga yoga, but my wife said that Gillian is a wonderful teacher that I would really enjoy the practice. I played rugby into my early twenties and for the last ten years, my physical activity has been limited snowboarding once a year and five-a-side football once a week. I was also nervous because have never been flexible and even as a teenager I came nowhere near touching my toes. I loved the practice. After my first workshop, I felt amazing: I had stretched and engaged muscles that I had not used properly in years. Gillian is a brilliant teacher and I love visiting her Shala. I recommend Gillian and the Ashtanga yoga practice to everyone and especially men who are in my situation and might feel apprehensive about trying it. The mental and physical benefits are tremendous and your body will begin to change almost immediately. Harry Corry, 35, Business Owner.

Gillian is an excellent teacher, patient and encouraging but also challenging and precise, working equally well with beginners and yoga teachers. She represents the best of this ancient but living tradition and is actively supported by her teachers Sharath and Hamish and indeed the worldwide Ashtanga community, which is a fantastic resource for us to have here in Dublin.

Working with Gillian, I find that she meets my practice wherever it happens to be on the day. In particular, she helps me to make that practice intentional instead of automatic, often working with me to rehabilitate old or new injuries, even surgery, or to process debilitating fears and emotions, and all on the mat. It hasn’t stopped me from getting older or having to travel but it has made it a lot easier! We are truly lucky to have her. Maurice Mason, 53, Company Director.

I would highly recommend Gillian’s Ashtanga yoga as a safe and effective yoga practice. I am a registered Osteopath and after seeing the benefits of Gillian’s classes on one of my patients, I decided to give it a try myself for one month. My initial aim was to improve the mobility of one of my hips which had been getting stiff and achey over the past few years.

After 3 weeks I began to experience notable improvements in my hip. Since then (3 months on) it has progressively improved. In addition to this, I have experienced some very nice emotional, intrinsic self-awareness.

I have been doing yoga on and off for over 20years, some of which were great classes. However, I have never experienced the level of one to one tuition and guidance as Gillian gives in her class/practice. She is extremely patient regardless of your level of yoga or your level of mobility. It is for this reason that I am recommending Gillian’s yoga teaching, too many of my patients. I know they will be well looked after and safe, while they maximise their ability and progress.

Gillian has huge intuition, which and connects with her students amazingly.
If you are looking for notable deep progress, consider this practice. Sharon O'Donoghue, 40, Osteopath.

I’ve practised yoga in Dublin for a few years, but I can honestly say I’ve never found anywhere like Ashtanga Yoga Ireland. Practising ashtanga in the traditional Mysore style has given me a much-needed opportunity for reflection; I have learned a lot about myself on my yoga mat under Gillian’s tutelage.

Gillian is an incredibly skilled teacher for students of all levels. She guides us all individually and intuitively knows when we’re ready for a new challenge. We’re very lucky to have her in Dublin. She is also a kind and generous person and this shines through in her teaching and shala, making it a comfortable, welcoming space for everyone who walks through the door. Ruth Mc Court, 31, Public Relations Manager

Gillian is an exceptional and dedicated teacher and a true inspiration to the practice of Ashtanga Yoga. This traditional practice is physically and emotionally demanding and Gillian provides the guidance and the support that allows students to learn and thrive at their own pace. Regardless of previous experience of yoga or what level you want to achieve, I would have no hesitation in recommending Gillian as a teacher. Diana Fortune, 41, Operations Manager

My colleagues and I attend Gillian’s class once a week and return to the office after every class feeling relaxed, calm and ready to take on the rest of the day. Gillian ensures that we are all challenged to our maximum ability and gives personal attention to each one of us. We have completed 4 terms with Gillian and will be sure to book the next one, as in the space of a few months we have all significantly improved in our flexibility and strength. Sadhbh Donovan, Barrett Mahony Consulting Engineers.

Gillian Mooney has been teaching Ashtanga yoga, a deeper and more traditional form of yoga, at the Facebook offices for the past 2 years. Facebook employees find the practice personalized, physically demanding, and hugely beneficial with only a 1x/week practice. Gillian has gotten to know our staff’s individual needs, understanding their strength, weaknesses, any previous injuries and guided us through led classes weekly at lunchtime in our offices. Her attention to detail, patience, and led guidance has reinvigorated many Facebookers’ understanding of yoga, their bodies and meditation. We hope to add a second day weekly and many of our staff now attend her evening classes nearby to see the full benefits of the practice. Tanya Neufield, Facebook International Headquaters.

Ashtanga Yoga Ireland provides true yoga in the middle of the city. Gillian and her team are 100% serious about their yoga, yet 100% approachable and relatable. I was put off by the idea that this was too serious and only for the ultra dedicated lunatics who can put their legs behing their head, but was surprised by the genuine warmth and good humour that pervades the shala. The prospect of Ashtanga can be very intimidating, and I still get freaked by the idea of practising on my own in silence, but the minute I step in the door the doubt melts away, you get so much tailored one to one attention and there are people from all walks of life and all levels of yoga just working away. I can highly recommend it as a place to learn yoga the traditional way. The shala really communicates that Ashtanga is not fancy instagrammable headstands but deep inner work and a sense of quiet, and that is what it helps me to achieve. Aislinn 29 Policy Specialist in a Tech Company.

As a sport’s person in a previous ‘life’, I start Ashtanga Yoga while playing GAA 15 years ago to get the added benefit while playing high-level GAA. I continued doing so since, for the massive benefits of flexibility and feel good factor of doing an exercise of having non-impact. While this style of Yoga is challenging, this is offset by the very nice premises Ashtanga Yoga Ireland have in D2 on Cumberland St. I would practice early before work at 0630 to 0800am and get into work for 0830am fresh and showered. Having free parking outside until 0800am helps a lot. They do lunchtime and evening classes for the ‘not’ so early birds and very accessible. The 1st-month price, unlimited practice (6 days a week) is a good incentive to commit to see if you can get benefits inside the first 30 days. You will. Well worth for the benefits alone. Gillian is great and real genuine energy. Well Done AY Ireland. Desmond Macken, 42, Business Development

I had done some Yoga weekends and the odd weekly led class before, so didn’t know what to expect with Ashtanga Yoga’s start window from 06:30-09.00am. But what it meant was that everyone was at a different part of the series (first try for me) so I was able to get much deeper into my practice as well as helpful instruction, demonstration or physical help getting into an Asana when it was necessary. Also additional Asana’s are added on a regular basis so your practice is always developing.

Since there are so many class options and since I travel a lot with work I’ve found it great to be able to do more or less some weeks and also not to be tied to a particular day of the week.

But most important of all, Gillian and the other instructors in Ashtanga Yoga Ireland bring a wealth of experience and genuine warmth to their teaching which make this Shala a treasure in Dublin’s City centre. Joseph Behan, 43, Father of 3, Pharmaceutical Head

I really love coming to Gillian’s shala. It is very welcoming and I always leave with a smile on my face and, most importantly, a calm mind! Gillian teaches in the traditional “Mysore” style, so everyone practices at their own pace, to the best of their ability. This means that you get a huge amount of individual attention and assistance with a pose you may be struggling with. Gillian doesn’t miss a trick and is very thorough with her adjustments and teaching, ensuring that you only move onto the next pose when you have mastered the last one. It is a great place for beginners as well as more experienced practitioners. The shala is open 6 days a week and is bang in the middle of the city centre so there is no excuse not to try it out! The practice has really has made a hugely positive difference to my life and I would highly recommend trying it out! Aimee Sweeney, 35, Barrister

I discovered Ashtanga Yoga 2.5 month ago, since that I regularly visit classes together with my wife. Even for such a short period of time, I definitely see the results, as my body has become more flexible and my back became less stiff (which was caused by work in the office). Dimitry Golick, 31, IT Industry

Gillian is a wonderful teacher. I am from India and I have lived very close to Mysore; always wanted to make this practice a part of my life. I joined Ashtanga Yoga Ireland in January 2019 and since then I have found a place where I can practice and feel at home. Very happy to have now joined the Ashtanga community here. I have also encouraged my sister to join and she has fallen in love with the practice and Gillian’s guidance. Roshni Thapa, 28, Policy Analyst

I highly recommend Ashtanga Yoga Ireland. Whether you are a complete beginner, a slow improver like me, or are practising for years this is the place to come. Gillian is a fantastic teacher who teaches in the traditional manner and helps you improve bit by bit. One gentle touch of her hand can completely change your posture and help release all the tension built up from day to day living. Do yourself a favour and start practising with Gillian. It can be difficult and a bit intimidating at the start but stick with it. Even if you can only go a couple of times a week your mind and body will thank you for it. Sinead Ryan, Office Worker

Ashtanga Yoga Ireland is my haven. I have been going twice a week since I rekindled my passion for yoga 6 months ago after a few years’ hiatus. Gillian is an exceptionally attentive and experienced teacher who maintains a very clean, modern studio in the heart of the city, just around from Merrion Square. She teaches in the self-led Mysore style 5 days a week with options both in the mornings and evenings. Classes are intimate and she corrects and adjusts and will push you to the next level every time you hit the mat. With uncanny skill, she will ease beginners into the practice while guiding someone in a more advanced pose on the other side of the room. She remembers exactly what the last pose you practiced with her was and guides you every step of the way. A must for anyone looking to practice yoga in its truest form and absolutely worth every penny. Tanya Neufeld, 24, Digital Marketing Professional

Gillian’s Ashtanga Yoga Shala is calling me every morning at 6:30am. I never imagined I could love this yoga practise as much as I do now.

When I first stepped into the shala 1 1/2 years ago I thought once or max. twice a week in the afternoons is all I want to do. It did not take long for me to make it a more regular habit to the point that I completely changed my daily routine to be able to do the Mysore style yoga practice in the mornings before heading off to work.

The benefits I encountered during the last year or so are endless. To name a view: I am stronger (physically and mentally!), I am more flexible, I am more patient, I do not panic so easily anymore….

Thank you Gillian for your endless patience, your guidance and the lovely atmosphere in the shala. I love the community, all people are so friendly and encourage each other. Brit Hammer, 44, Digital Sales Rep.

Great teacher, great atmosphere, great energy. All you need for your research into yourself and to keep body, mind, and spirit in perfect balance.
Thanks, Gillian! Federico Cavallini, 44, Accountant

I have never been interested in yoga until very recently. Where I come from, growing up, yoga was not very popular and I knew very little about the practice. After taking body balance classes early this year, I quickly realized how much I enjoyed yoga, way more than Pilates or Tai Chi, and decided to learn more about it. I was very surprised to find out that there are many different types of yoga and the more I tried to learn about them, the less I actually knew. I was completely overwhelmed and confused, until I came across Ashtanga Yoga Ireland. The information on the web site is very clear and very well laid out. Reading about Ashtanga yoga, I knew it was what I was looking for. My first few sessions very really tough: my fitness level was quite bad and I found it really hard just doing few sun salutations. I was exhausted and really sore after each session but at the same time I had never felt so energized and fulfilled. I thought it would be really hard to practice alongside younger and more experienced students who would flawlessly perform pose after pose. However, with Gillian’s help I found I have improved session after session and now, rather than being intimidated by more advanced students, I am inspired by them. Gillian is a truly talented and dedicated teacher. She is very patient and very supportive, and would never give up on anyone, no matter how hard the challenge is. You won’t need to practice religiously every day at the crack of dawn and become a vegetarian to see the results. I have only been practicing twice a week for 5 months and I can already see how the practice is changing my body and my life. My posture has improved, my body is stronger and leaner. But my mind is also calmer and more focused. If you are thinking of giving it a go, don’t hesitate: you will never look back! Antonella Caracciolo, 45, Information Risk Manager

Come, you will be welcome and feel comfortable, there is no pressure here. You can develop and practice at your pace under the watchful eye of an amazing teacher. Gillian is fully aware of the individual strengths and weaknesses and will guide you safely on your journey. After each class I feel centred, strong and relaxed. My steady progress makes my early start and long journey well worth the effort. Thanks so much Gillian. Tony Yore, 62, Engineer

I have spent most of my adult life (to date – I’m 26!) racing competitively in endurance sports (triathlon and road cycling) and I always thought yoga would be too slow to keep me engaged, fit, and healthy. I had been to a couple of yoga classes and dismissed them as glorified stretching – hardly a workout. An injury caused me to try again – I did a lot of research a decided to try Mysore style ashtanga because it was reported to be more meditative than led classes, and an intense practice. I am so glad that I did, and that I went to Gillian. Over the last 3 months Ashtanga has become a 6 (sometimes 5!) day a week practice for me and I now love rolling out my mat every morning. My sleep has improved, my diet has improved, and my body feels healthier. Gillian is an excellent teacher and I trust her completely to know when I can push myself and when I need to hold back. Yoga is so much more than just exercise, but aside from all it’s other benefits I now know it can keep you fit and healthy. Philippa Hood, 26, Student

Just wanted to share my experience attending Ashtanga Yoga. Before starting my Yoga Classes with Gillian, I genuinely thought Yoga was not for me, Thought it was boring and waste of time as I was more into running, cycling, etc. I was completely wrong!! When I started Ashtanga Yoga I was suffering from stress and anxiety. I friend of mine recommended me to attend Ashtanga Yoga with Gillian. Due to the nature of the Ashtanga Yoga and the way the classes are driven (Gilliam will guide you through the exercises all the times), After practicing yoga three days per week I have seen mental and physical changes, thanks to the coordination of breathing and exercises. I gain flexibility and strength. I strongly recommend it; I can assure you will leave with a smile after your classes! Najia El Mouden Allal, 34, Financial Services

This studio is quite special. Students of all abilities practicing alongside each other, from those who have never done yoga through to those practicing regularly. It is a quiet meditative space and with lots of friendly smiles. Gillian is an experienced senior teacher who works with each person individually. A great place to start on a mat. Katrina McLoughlin, 42, yoga teacher

The shala has been a very enriching experience and Gillian goes out of the way to put her students at ease. Gillian’s deep understanding and passion for Mysuru style Astanaga yoga translates into a class that caters to all levels without feeling intimidating and the shala is a blessing for both advanced practitioners and beginners alike. Joining the shala has definetly been one of the best decisions I have made and look forward to Gillian’s guidance in my journey forward. Vashuda Krishnamurthy, 29, Cyber Security Consultant

My story with yoga started last year. I was feeling homesick and was very overwhelmed with the workload of stage 3 medicine. I thought I should try yoga to see if it can help me deal with how stressed I was. When I came across ashtanga yoga Ireland, I knew that I found something special. At first, I was very intimated, but Gillian’s kind words and guidance made me feel at ease from the very beginning.

Ashtanga yoga and Mysore style have not only taught me to push myself but to also take deep breaths and stop when I need to. Committing to a practice in the shala has made me calmer yet more committed as a college student. It helps me every day in various aspects of my life and makes me appreciate my last few years in Ireland. Fatemah Alkandari, 22, Medical Student

Once you try mysore style ashtanga you’ll never go back to a led class”, was what I was told before I started at Ashtanga Yoga Ireland and it has proven to be true. The morning mysore classes taught by Gillian and the other fantastic teachers are the most calming and peaceful part of my day.
The shala is a lovely space to be in first thing in the morning and although the practice can be physically challenging, it is made accessible and easy for students of all levels. Before starting at AYI, I was often frustrated at my lack of flexibility. However practicing ashtanga at AYI has helped me to be completely accepting of my body and both my strength and flexibility have improved greatly. AYI is a great place to practice Ashtanga yoga! Peigi Askew, Charity Worker, 26

I started Ashtanga only two months ago. A very good friend to whom I will be thankful forever introduced me to Gillian. I practice a different type of yoga before for over two years however this is a completely different practice. I truly believe this practice it is a mind and body transformation.

Ashtanga is challenging and that helps you to know yourself deep inside, to know what you fear and to understand yourself much better. Gillian has an amazingly deep knowledge of the practice. She loves Ashtanga and she is passionate about it. Gillian uses all that passion to teach us every single day in the Shala at her best. Gillian adjustments of the posture show me every day how much she knows my body and where I can go with it. This is a practice for life!!

I have been on a diet since I was eight years old and what I really love the most is that even though I am a bit overweight Gillian does not see any limits to me and she pushes me to exactly the most of my capabilities and we always have a laugh.

One of the most valuable things I have learned with this practice is that Ashtanga yoga is for absolutely everyone and Gillian makes it happen.

I can assure you that you will never regret of trying Ashtanga! You should definitely try it! ” Maria Garcia, 37, Senior Credit Analyst

Gillian and her teaching assistants in Ashtanga yoga Ireland have created an incredibly warm and welcoming space for all Ashtanga Yoga practitioners, beginners and experienced alike.

The Shala is a very safe space where your practice is individually tailored to your needs and cultivated at your own personal pace.

A place where, Gillian and her teaching assistants bolster commitment, consistency, and integrity to the practice of Ashtanga yoga. Derek Malone, 41, Secondary school teacher.

Ashtanga Yoga Ireland is a first class yoga shala headed up by an exceptional, intuitive teacher living and breathing the practice of ashtanga yoga. Here you’ll find a warm community of yogis ranging from complete beginners to advanced practitioners, everyone is welcome. You’ll be encouraged to explore the practice of Ashtanga Yoga at your own pace with one on one teaching that acknowledges the place you are in today, rather than racing ahead to where you want to be tomorrow. I can’t recommend highly enough, it’s my refuge and slap, bang in the city centre. You come! Louise Leonard, 37, Marketing Manager and busy Mother to my 3 beautiful children!

Ashtanga Yoga Ireland is an authentic yoga sanctuary in the heart of Dublin.

When you step through that door, you immediately feel a warm, quiet and relaxed atmosphere.
The shala holds a unique, true space for yoga.

The Mysore class starts by chanting together and the only sound after the opening is just the breath of all the students. Everyone is different and every day is different therefore we are all encouraged by Gillian to practice at our own level and understanding of the practice. This creates a not-competitive atmosphere where I personally feel safe and supported to progress in my yoga path. Gillian is a knowledgeable teacher, she looks after each student, taking notes of the progress. I love the fact I learn something new every day I practice in Asthanga Yoga Ireland and this is something that makes Gillian’s teaching so special. I truly recommend this shala to anyone interested to deepen the yoga practice. Stefania Ceolin, account manager & yoga teacher, 35.

I love coming to Gillian’s shala and try to make it as regularly as I can. I became a fan of Mysore style for several reasons: 1/ Great focus on breathing – this helps to reduce anxiety and stress level to the minimum mark 2/ Physical challenge – this makes you stronger and eliminates the back tensions (ideal for office workers!) 3/ Own pace – the class is not led and you feel much more concentrated on yourself rather than following instructions. I highly recommend this place as it brought a lot of peace and mindfulness into my life. Olga Golub 28, Digital Marketing Specialist in a Tech Company

I started attending mysore style classes at Ashtanga Yoga Ireland because I wanted to develop a more disciplined and regular approach to my practice. I thought that these early morning ashtanga yoga classes might be a way to start and decided I would give them a try for a month! What I found was a real gem of a discovery – a place, a sanctuary, a safe haven in the middle of Dublin city where true silence and mediation has become possible for me; people, from all different walks of life, generating positive energy on and off the mat that I carry with me every day when I walk out the door and interact with the world; and a group of teachers/assistants so dedicated and inspiring in their teaching and practice that they make me believe I can do anything. Needless to say, I’ve stayed longer than a month! I am very happy that I walked through that door and recommend that others do the same 🙂 Karen Jeffares, 34, Social Care Worker and Peace Activist.

Ashtanga yoga Ireland is a really special Shala and a fantastic place to practice yoga. Gillian gives very personal support and guidance to each student. My yoga practice has transformed under Gillian’s care, I travel a lot for work and my Mysore practice comes with me wherever I go around the globe. Ashtanga yoga keeps me balanced, flexible and feeling energetic. I started practicing once a week only and slowly by slowly, under Gillian’s care, yoga is now a big part of my week and life. It’s great for keeping fit but it’s about so much more than that, it takes hard work and dedication but the rewards are gradual but immense. The style of the Shala is simple and traditional. Highly recommended for those who want to experience yoga in a traditional way that is full of integrity with an exceptionally skilled teacher. Karol, 38, human rights/development adviser.

I can whole heartedly,100% recommend the Shala as a safe and deeply supportive space to begin or to deepen your Ashtanga Practice. Gillian is a passionate, committed and dedicated teacher. Gillian and her team of assistants provide a safe space from which I have begun to explore my body and mind on a much deeper level.

I’m looking forward to many many years of deepening my practice supported by Gillian and the amazing community she has cultivated in the heart of Dublin. Sandra Mc Guffin, 43, yoga teacher.

Ashtanga Yoga Ireland is an amazing shala with one of the most inspiring teachers I have ever met. Gillian’s dedication and experience motivates and inspires me to dig deeper into my Ashtanga practice. With a friendly, approachable and professional teaching style, I would highly recommend Gillian and her assistants to everyone who would like to practice and get to know more about Ashtanga yoga in the traditional way. The energy within the shala, both from Gillian and her assistants, right down to the dedicated practitioners, makes it an enjoyable and calming community to be a part of. Natalie Malone, 31, Project Manager.

Wonderful place. There’s no better way to start or end your work day. The environment brilliantly caters for all levels, with an emphasis on the practice. Staff are very friendly and accessible. Padraig Daly, 28, Engineer.

I have been attending Gillian’s studio for six weeks now and would highly recommend it. I was familiar with Ashtanga before starting at this studio but had not tried Mysore style before. It was a bit daunting at the start but I soon saw the benefits of the system. I started by doing the monthly workshop where Gillian showed us the basics of the primary series and gave us a good basis to begin our practice. Since then Gillian’s guidance has brought quick and targeted improvements. The studio is heated and there is a shower available in the morning. Give it a try! Shane Mulhall, 28, Account Manager

I arrived in Dublin two years ago and discovered this shala and Gillian, who introduced me to Ashtanga yoga, and got me hooked. She easily spotted my weaknesses and greatly contributed to improve my technique. It is pure bliss attending her lessons. It helps me on a daily basis, physically and spiritually. I feel stronger, and more confident, and this is now part of who I am. I am addicted. Special mention to the staff who are also very nice! Highly recommended. A must do. Helene Thomas, 33, IT Support.

Ashtanga Yoga Ireland is a lovely space with a dedicated and experienced teacher, and a nice, welcoming community. The Mysore classes mean you get lots of individual attention from the teacher. They have introductory classes and courses for beginners, and I found these really helpful for getting a solid foundation before joining regular classes.Students travel from outside Dublin to study with Gillian, who is a very experienced and knowledgeable teacher. We’re really lucky to have her and her shala right here in the city! If you’re looking for somewhere to get on the yoga mat, as a beginner or seasoned practitioner, I highly recommend AYI. Gillian and her assistants will welcome you warmly, and make sure you feel supported in your practice. Linda Fennessy, 32, Social Care Worker.

Ashtanga Yoga Ireland is a beautiful space in the heart of the city, with a beautiful and passionate teacher. If you want to learn Ashtanga in the traditional way with a dedicated community, I couldn’t recommend Gillian and her shala enough. Mary-Ann O'Donovan, 34, Researcher.

Gillian is an extraordinarily experienced and dedicated teacher with a sparkling passion for sharing traditional yoga as it is taught in Mysore, India. All this makes AYI a friendly place, where all are welcome. Megan Kuster, 35, University Research Fellow.

Gillian’s vast experience and warm touch makes her a precious gem in the Irish yoga community. Maintaining traditions originating from Mysore India, her shala cuts no corners and has been transformed into a wonderfully welcoming place for people of all ages, shapes and sizes. Rory Hynes, 26, Student.

Ashtanga Yoga is a traditional style of Yoga that gradually builds physical strength and endurance, and at the same time encourages deep internal reflection. The Shala is so peaceful and welcoming and Gillian Mooney is an expert teacher who devotes time and attention to each of her students.

It’s a joy to have such a lovely place to practice, with a devoted and knowledgeable teacher in the heart of Dublin city centre. Bev Porrino, age 50, Yoga Teacher

Recently, I made a conscious choice to step out of my comfort zone. Being strict on myself is something I have been avoiding for a long time as it requires a lot of effort. I have started to attend morning Mysore practice with Gillian, and I got a confirmation that this ancient practice has something unique to offer. Those who have found it are extremely lucky, as Ashtanga is a beautiful practice that makes your body strong and mind strong. Gillian is an incredible teacher. I feel grateful for having met her, and through her, being introduced to this practice. Evie Connolly, age 34, Business Owner.

I’ve tried different kinds of yoga over the years and this one called Ashtanga is the best experience I’ve had. It’s great how passionate the teachers are about helping you to learn and practice yoga and it’s no surprise that they do a great job of it. I appreciate the extra mile they go in assisting you. They are very hands-on and give you a lot of individual attention. This extra attention has helped me progress nicely. I love how good it makes me feel.

I feel very privileged to be practicing yoga at such an amazing place. Margie Golby, 34, Legal Executive.

I could not recommend more highly trying Ashtanga yoga and in particular trying it at at Ashtanga Yoga Ireland. At AYI, Gillian and the others give the same attention and interest to the newbie as to the most advanced. I was definitely scared at the start of getting into this practice; you are just trying to remember where to put your foot in the middle of Surya Namaskara A and the person next to you seems to be a human pretzel with their legs behind their back. BUT then Gillian gently reminds you of your spot and you’re back on the horse (figuratively, or at least I don’t think there is a horse asana…). There is never judgement in the room.

I’ve learned two important things since taking up Ashtanga yoga at AYI a few months ago. Firstly, my body is stronger and more capable than I ever gave it credit for. All it needed was a little practice and guidance (I had never even done a ‘real’ push-up before coming to AYI, so have no fear!). And secondly, not to compare myself to others. Someone might be further ahead than you but that is OK. I learned to be genuinely happy for them while still respecting where I was on the journey.

I sincerely hope you give the practice a try at AYI. If a TV addict, with no previous upper body strength, can now amazingly do a back bend, then anyone can get on their mat and learn Ashtanga yoga with Gillian. Susan Lee, 27, Management & Administration.

I have been coming to Gillian for several years now. As we know, Ashtanga will meet you wherever you are on your journey, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I learned this to be true particularly during times I was going through rehabilitation from a bad fall but especially now as I am expecting.

We all see the pictures thrown at us on social media of the asanas (postures), I wonder are a lot of us forgetting the basics such as breath, acceptance and being grateful for where we are at on our lifelong journey. This has been a further enlightenment for me during my first pregnancy. I am eternally grateful for Gillian and her team’s guidance during this special time. Although my practice obviously looks and feels very different, I feel like me. It has kept me grounded and has contributed greatly to my positive experience in my pregnancy. Gemma Crowley, 33, Yoga teacher & Healthcare Professional.

When I met Gillian 3 years ago, I was coming back to Ashtanga practice after my previous teacher had left the city, and immediately I felt at home. Gillian encouraged me to find softness as well as strength in my practice and under her guidance I have become more focused and present on my mat. She is extremely intuitive and will use this ability to allow you to recognise where you may be vulnerable and what you may need to work on. I often laugh that her gift is a curse sometimes- we all have moments on our mats that we want to cheat a little bit, and maybe move out of a posture quicker than we should- and despite looking after all yogis practicing various postures at the same time, she can see right through it and will gently, yet firmly ask you to “try again” Gillian is a constant source of inspiration for many Irish Ashtangis!

Ashtanga yoga is a practice that’s deeply transformative, yet often misunderstood as a very physical practice. However the most important aspect of this practice is developing a deep connection with the breath- we commit to cultivate steady breathing as we move through our postures, and that’s a true challenge! But as soon as we establish this connection, the practice becomes a flowing meditation, and brings stillness to the mind. With such a powerful tool, all daily life struggles are easier to deal with!

And if you feel intimidated by Mysore style- don’t! It’s a common misunderstanding about this most traditional practice- that you must be already an advanced yogi and know all the sequences by heart to start practicing Mysore style. It’s misleading and not true – we all have to start somewhere! I find that especially in Gillian’s shala, she and her team of assistants are very dedicated to allowing each student to find their own pace, and you will always feel safe and supported.

For anyone considering starting Mysore practice with Ashtanga Yoga Ireland – don’t think twice! You are about to embark on a wonderful journey, full of bumps, adventures, laughs and tears, but most fulfilling and empowering. Ewa Szczupak, 39, University Senior Executive.

This shala in Dublin is a truly special space; the people practicing in that room range from the total beginner through to the advanced, and all are welcomed with open arms. The team here help you carve a space in the day for you, helping you to focus on what really matters. Gillian is a long term student of ashtanga yoga, as taught in KPJAYI, Mysore and is passing the lessons she has learnt from her teachers on in a way that makes sense to the average Irish man or woman. If you at all curious about this practice, Ashtanga Yoga Ireland is an excellent place to start, and I’ll see you on the mat! Sarah Patterson, 30, Chef.

Ashtanga Yoga Ireland is a great place for everybody who wants to have a regular yoga practice. You don’t need to be the most flexible person in the world or the most malleable person in the universe, you just need to embrace the practice and with dedication and proper breathing, you will be surprised…

Gillian is a dedicated and technical teacher that guides you through all the steps (postures and breathing) and Meg is a great assistant, with care she will help you with the postures and breathing. Both are always paying attention to how you are feeling and progressing in the class.
If you want to practice yoga in a safe haven with caring teachers, Ashtanga Yoga Ireland is for you! Filipa Vieira, 27, IT support.

Before beginning ashtanga yoga I never did any type of yoga. I attended the Shala for convenience really . I had no idea what it was about at the time. I am now doing it just over a year now and I am so happy that I stuck at it. It can be difficult at times but very rewarding both physically & mentally. Gillian is so knowledgeable and amazing at what she does along with her teaching assistants. The shala is such a lovely and peaceful place. If you are thinking of starting yoga I would highly recommend this place you won’t regret it. Sarah Booth, 34, Financial services.

I have been in Ireland for three weeks to know the beauty of this country. And one of my goals was practice Ashtanga Yoga with Gillian in Ashtanga Yoga Ireland. I am a Yoga teacher in Brazil,I have my Shala here and I am always improving my practice. And like two years or more I have been following Gillian in mídias. I really loved to be in this Warm Shala. Gillian is an excellent teacher, she really knows and incorporated this beautiful practice very well. I felt my intuition and it was right. Thank you so much!! Thiase Thiton, 34, Yoga Teacher.

I first met Gillian years ago through the recommendation of a dance student, and I am so grateful I did! Attending Ashtanga Yoga Ireland workshops and classes truly transformed my daily home practice<3
Gillian’s dedication to Ashtanga Yoga and to the progression of students is second to none. She believes in you and helps you push through fear. (Sirsasana fear was one of mine, thanks Gillian for helping me conquer it!).

Gillian’s adjustments are insightful and her knowledge of yoga, the physical body, and mental barriers are based on years of dedicated study and extensive experience.

The shala Gillian set up is so peaceful and I always love coming here! If you are thinking of starting yoga, I highly recommend Ashtanga Yoga Ireland. You will be in great, loving and experienced hands and steadily grow physical and mental strength! Jasmin Victoria, 32, Dance Teacher.

I have been practicing yoga on and off for a number of years, mainly Iyengar and Hatha. For the last few years I have really wanted to deepen my practice and make it a more regular part of my life, but I wasn’t sure how to go about that. That call was answered for me when I started practicing Ashtanga yoga, Mysore style at Ashtanga Yoga Ireland. In the last 6 months I have been attending AYI, I have certainly achieved my desire to go deeper into my yoga practice. My morning ashtanga practice has just become part of my day and the shala is like an oasis in the city centre! Gillian and Meg are wonderful teachers, who have made me feel so welcome and have helped me to move my yoga practice on hugely. I have found Ashtanga almost addictive, in a good way, and I now spend a lot of time thinking about the practice when I’m not on the mat! AYI caters for everyone and it is very inspiring seeing others further along their journey, and others just starting out. I would encourage anyone curious about Ashtanga or interested in yoga to try it out. Jacqui Vassallo 43, mum of 2, Healthcare Scientist.

My experience of Ashtanga yoga has been exceptionally positive, thanks to Gillian and the team at Ashtanga Yoga Ireland. They are extremely welcoming, professional, encouraging and completely open to teaching all kinds of people. Six months ago I would never have envisaged that I’d be able to do what I can do now – and actually enjoy it!

My respiratory consultant advised me to take up yoga. I developed asthma after lung surgery and it just kept getting worse. Almost any physical exertion difficult. On bad days I was short of breath even walking short distances and climbing the stairs felt like tackling Mount Everest.

I found Ashtanga Yoga Ireland by chance and decided to try it out. I was very apprehensive at first, because I thought the class would be full of young, flexible fitness fanatics and that I wouldn’t fit in. I was relieved to find people of all ages, shapes and sizes at the shala. Because Ashtanga yoga isn’t competetive, it doesn’t matter that some students are more advanced than others, or that everyone learns at a different pace.
The instructors (Gillian and Meg) are very adept at recognising what each student is capable of.
After a few months there was a noticable improvement in my breathing. I was able to do more in class and started to develop strength and flexibilty. I got more focused, my energy levels improved and I can climb the stairs or walk a few miles without any problems now.

There’s no requirement to adopt an extreme, austere lifestyle. I don’t go to class every day and and I’ve never been in the shala at 6.30 am.

I think the reason I’ve been able to make progress is because it’s been a very gradual process and there’s no pressure – just expert, intuitive guidance from the team at Ashtanga Yoga Ireland.
I can’t recommend it highly enough! Gráinne Leamy, 47, Public Servant

Amazing shala for anyone interested in learning or currently practicing Ashtanga yoga. Gillian is such a great teacher – lives and breathes her yoga and so enthusiastic and committed to sharing the traditional Ashtanga practice with anyone who wants to learn. From complete beginners to advanced practitioners all practicing in the same space – makes for a magic energy and a very special environment. Hard to describe just how good Gillian is – best just to try a class! Gill Cahill, 35, Barrister

Ashtanga Yoga Ireland is a great studio to learn yoga. All are welcome regardless of experience. I’ve never been intimidated by those who are more advanced than myself, only inspired. Those who are beginners are at ease with Gillian’s and her team’s guidance. Gillian is a very dedicated teacher and has deep knowledge of ashtanga yoga. There’s lots of individual attention and Gillian’s adjustments are intuitive and really take you deeper without causing strain.

Very highly recommended! Maris Vask, 44, Financial Controller

I’ve practiced different styles of yoga for almost ten years but this practice has been like coming home for me. Now I happily trade my ten years of practice to be a student of Gillian’s.. it is a blessing to have her and her shala in Dublin. She is the real deal, a true no nonsense yogini Tasmin Lotus, 32, Legal Executive

I can whole heartedly,100% recommend the Shala as a safe and deeply supportive space to begin or to deepen your Ashtanga Practice. Gillian is a passionate, committed and dedicated teacher. Gillian and her team of assistants provide a safe space from which I have begun to explore my body and mind on a much deeper level.
I’m looking forward to many many years of deepening my practice supported by Gillian and the amazing community she has cultivated in the heart of Dublin. Daniel Mahon, 29, IT Consultant

Intimate studio with a focus on pure practice. Something for every level. Kieran Sweeney, 42, Enterprise Consultant