Practising Ashtanga in Modern Dublin


Ideally, the ​best time to practice Ashtanga in its ancient and traditional style is just before dawn, six days a week. But we in Ashtanga Yoga Ireland realise that this is not possible for everyone due to the many demands of modern, Western life, be it due to conflicting work schedules, parenting, and/or other factors.

And so we feel it is hugely important to note that your practice does not have to be ‘all or nothing’. You do not have to be on your mat six mornings a week. We offer lunchtime and evening classes as well as morning classes so that you can tailor your practice to your own schedule.
Many of our students, especially those with more demanding schedules, do a mixture of morning, lunchtime and evening classes. Furthermore, not all of them make it in to the shala six times a week, no matter what sessions they choose to practice in. And that’s OK! The main thing is to get in to the shala and on to your mat when you can, as often as you can, but, ideally, no less than three times per week, so that you can best reap the rewards of this ancient and beautiful practice.

It is also important to note that if on occasion you’re pressed for time in any way (perhaps you need to get in to the office or home to your children, for example), that you do not have to do a full practice. You can still come in and do whatever amount of your practice your schedule allows for. Some Ashtanga is better than no Ashtanga Yoga!

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