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Easter News 2019

It’s great to see our newly extended Mysore Programme in full swing – I’m delighted that you’re all enjoying our new space and availing of the additional evening classes!

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New Evening Mysore Programme

I’m excited to announce that we will be extending our evening Mysore programme to 4 evenings per week from April 1st! We will be moving to a special new venue only 5 minutes away from where we are currently based.

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March Newsletter 2019

I’ve been exploring the possibilities to extend our evening Mysore programme for a long time as it has been challenging due to the rental crisis in the city centre. However, I’m delighted to announce that we will be extending our evening Mysore programme shortly.

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Ashtanga Newsletter – February

I’m delighted to be back teaching after an inspiring week of practice with Certified teacher, Hamish Hendry in Astanga Yoga London. It’s an integral part of my duty as a teacher to continuously focus on my own practice and studies in order to teach as authentically as possible.

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February Newsletter

It’s always a joy to see the highly anticipated transition from Winter to Springtime. This special time of year is associated with change and the inspiration for new beginnings – enjoy!

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January News

January is here and it seems that everyone is busily making new year resolutions. To me, resolution making seems like another ‘should’ in a life full of shoulds – a demand for more effort in a world already requiring so much fortitude.

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Holiday News

I hope you're all surviving the run up to the silly season ok! Our New Year Retreat will provide the perfect escape after the chaos of Christmas, and a chance to prepare for the year ahead. Fulfill your good intentions by treating yourself to a weekend of Ashtanga...

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December Newsletter

It’s hard to believe that December is almost upon us – try not to lose the run of yourselves in the run-up to the silly season and to remain consistent in your practice! I’ll be teaching in Istanbul from December 15th-21st…

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Immersion Courses 2019

It’s been a real inspiration to see so many of you applying for the Immersion Course commencing in January 2019. My vision is to offer people an authentic learning opportunity to deepen their understanding of and approach to the traditional Ashtanga yoga system.

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New Year, Easter & Italy Summer Retreats 2019

These retreats will be the perfect opportunity to escape from the demands of the modern world to deepen your practice in a peaceful setting. The New Year (Jan 11th-13th) and Easter (April 19th-22nd) Retreats will be held in our peaceful haven deep in the Wicklow woods.

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Ashtanga Yoga Immersion Course 2019 

I’m excited to announce that I will be offering an Immersion Course for practitioners looking to broaden their understanding of the Ashtanga Yoga system commencing in January 2019!

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